JUNE 03, 2012


Praise the Lord. I had spent some time meditating over the last few days just on some prophetic words that we’ve received in the past six months, and uh, I really sense the Spirit of God.

Remember about a month ago, six weeks ago maybe, I shared on a Wednesday night and then maybe on a Sunday morning I’m not positive, that I had been online with International prayer that we do on Wednesdays and a Bishop who’s a friend of ours who’s spoken into Patty and I’s life a lot had a Word for our church that we were coming into a time of great difficulty. That the adversary was going to send an angel of division and deception like we’d never seen before and I thought we’d experienced, (laughter), some pretty hefty deception at times, up to that time. But, this week as I was meditating the Lord brought that back to my remembrance.

He also reminded me that He was sending a Warrior Angel into the church to help fight that thing off. But He said, some would fall prey to that and it would be difficult for them, but the primary source of the attack that would come against us in the days that are ahead, so He’s speaking of from now, would be in this group and would be in the body itself against ‘PRAISE’.

Because he wants to stop the Praise, and Jesus said this, “That He has perfected PRAISE in the mouths of children.” And, and that was taken from Psalms chapter 8 I believe, 6 or 8, and Jesus was quoting how the praise would stop the mouth of the adversary.

And He wants to speak to you. How many of us realize that the Holy Spirit wants to speak to us all the time? But the adversary wants to speak to us and stop us from trusting God, believing God, those types of things, and he does that, and he has, opportunity to do that in lives that will allow him to come in and bring deception and, and those types of things to them.

So one of the areas that will be the most attacked and most put upon will be the area of praise and primarily those who lead people to praise. So all these folks who are leading people to praise on a regular basis. Carl and Sarita are very good pastors in this area. They’re very good pastors. They love all of you with all their heart. They, sacrifice for you so I understand, that you know the determination of when somebody really loves you they’re willing to sacrifice their time, their effort, their riches on behalf of you. So I’m going to ask you guys to do something for them. I’m going to ask you to continue to pray in a loving way for them. Not by witchcraft and manipulation and that type of thing which many people pray under the influence of. But pray for them to have eyes to see and ears to hear what it is that the Lord is saying to the Body in the realm of PRAISE. And, Patty and I are going to step up our prayer for them even more. We try to spend time with them, and, and help them in the responsibility that they have. They pastor this group of people as well as those who are in the sound area. And so they pastor a pretty good segment of the church. And they, have done it well for five years.They’ve had difficulties. They’re growing and learning just as Patty and I are growing and learning in shepherding people. But, I want to pray over them this morning, this entire group. Because I feel like there’s a move of the adversary at this point to try to make you feel inferior to what you really are.

You’re warriors. Some of you have been brought in, (laughs), kind of without knowing that you were a warrior. But you’re learning that you’re a warrior. And, you’re beginning to develop as a warrior. Some of you have been in that for awhile. But the intensity of the warfare is going to increase. You know what that means for you? That means that there needs to be an increase in you in the Word of God and prayer and in fellowship with one another. So, today I’m going to pray over you for that, okay?

Father, in the Name of Jesus I thank you for these that you have called in the realm of Praise. And Lord, right now we ask that the eyes of their understanding be open, that their ears would be attentive to the Spirit of the Living God, that they would have discernment like they’ve never had it before, that they would know when the adversary is coming because they know You so well that when he comes they’ll recognize him right away. And Father as you do that, we just thank You for the growth and the stability and the ability to commit to the things of the Kingdom will come forth greater in them. In Jesus’ Name. Thank you for it, Father. Thank you for it, Lord. Thank you for it, Lord.

We bless them, Father in their leadership abilities and the skills that you have given them in instruments and such, Father, and how they have a heart to see others utilize that which is inside of them, Father, that they may not even know what they have in them, but calling it forth in voices and instruments. Let it come, Father. Greater understanding. Greater discernment. In Jesus’ Name. Glory to God. Glory to God.

Impartation of knowledge and wisdom and understanding. By the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ Name. Thank you for it, Lord. Thank you for it, my God. More of it, more of it, more of it, more of it, as you develop leaders, Lord Jesus and those who will be able to go forth in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for it, my God. Thank you for skill coming forth, Lord Jesus. Skill to be able to do. Skill to be able to increase. Skill to be able to discern. Skill to be able to understand the things of The Living God. Thank you for it, Father. As it goes forth and it touches many nations, many individuals. Let it come, Father, let it come. Let it come. All that’s been withheld we release it today. We release it for the good of the Body of Christ today. In the Name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.


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