MARCH 14, 2012


(Greg Wyatt) It’s not by any man. It’s not by any gift that men stand, but it’s by Your Word. By the evidence of Your Word. The earth is Yours and all the fullness of it. It is full. It’s complete. Right now, none of you are lacking anything in your life that God hasn’t provided for you. None of us. He has provided everything. He’s finished everything. We stand in Victory. And you just need to grab a hold of the Victory and walk with it. So much of what we do in this day is contrary to the will and the Word of God. So if you would seize what it is that God has gifted you with, stand and agree with it and walk with it, you’ll see great things. You’ll see God’s hand. Don’t stand in vain imaginations. Don’t stand in things that are temporary. Stand upon the Word. Today. Right now. (sighs)

(A long pause, then Pastor Mike takes the mic and begins to speak.)

Thank you, Lord. Like I said, there’s a tremendous ability just to start to reach up and touch something tonight. He brings us to places like that so that His will can be done in our lives. He’s not looking to bypass anyone. But He’s also looking for those who will not be by-passed. You know? Those who will not be denied, those who will press beyond the circumstances that try to hold you away from the things of God and grab hold of what He has for you. He has got a tremendous desire for us to desire Him, and to desire His will. Because God knows that those who desire Him more than anything will find Him. Not only will they find Him, they’ll find every avenue that they’ll need to succeed in the things that God wants to do in the earth. What has to happen is that there has to be a dying to what we want to do. I’ll say that again. There has to be a dying to what we want to do. And there has to be a coming alive to the will of God; that which He desires to do in the earth. And it’s not a hidden mysterious thing. The Bible is replete with all the words that God wants to speak about, what His will is. He goes through great simplicities if you just look in Luke chapter 4 when Jesus stood up in the midst of that group and He said, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.” And then He began to declare the things that the Spirit of the Lord wanted to do. And He went about His life doing what the Spirit of the Lord wanted Him to do. He didn’t have to create a position for Himself or a job. He just began to do what He had verbally said was the will of God that was written hundreds of years before in the book of Isaiah. And He just took the truth of what that was and applied it to the life that He had. And there’s no difference in what He’s calling us to do than what He sent Jesus here to do. Jesus just said, “You’re going to finish the work. You’re just going to complete what I began. ”

And instead of going through all these terrible, crazy ideas of what our calling and what our election is and how we’re supposed to find it and what we have to be healed of in order to do it, you know, all that crazy stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with doing the will of God. Why don’t we just die to what we want to do and live in what He desires to do? We want position. We want talent. We want all these things and He finds individuals that don’t have a desire for any of that and He does incredible things through them.

We think humility is timidity and that’s not it at all. Humility is surrendering yourself to do all that He bids you to do knowing you couldn’t do it in yourself but only in Him.

There are no secrets about these things in the Kingdom of God. They’re not locked away and hidden from us. Oh many would have you believe that they’re locked away and cannot be obtained unless you come and listen to their rhetoric about what it is, but that’s not true. There’s only one who specifies the truth to you. That’s the Holy Spirit. The Bible says that you have no need that anyone, that any man teaches you. But the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you in all the truth. It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t equip people to be able to pass on information to you but it means that you need to be careful about where you go to water. You need to be careful about where you go to feed. You need to be wise in what God has for you. Because not everyone’s vision is the vision that God has for you. Many have visions that have nothing to do with the Word of God. Many have visions that have nothing to do with being discipled into the Kingdom. Many have visions that are self-serving, that bring more death than they do life whenever you get close to them. From a distance they look very good. They look like something you should pursue. But when you get close to them, you find only destruction, deception, and humanness and not the Spirit of The Living God.

Listen, brothers and sisters, we’ve been warned over and over and over again that we’re in the last days. It does not appear yet what we’re going to see but we’re going to see some things that no one has ever seen before. We’re going to see deception like it’s never been seen before. We’re going to see anger and bitterness in the church like we’ve never seen before; because people are going to listen to men. They’re not going to come to the place in their spiritual life where they listen to God, where they hear His voice and obediently move according to His will. Many opportunities will be lost and never brought back again because they don’t hear from God. And divine appointments that He desires to put into place suddenly are not there anymore because of the disobedience of the vessels that He desires to use to do the will.

We can avoid all that. We can avoid all that just by spending time with Him. Just by guarding ourselves, where we’re going and who we’re associating with. This is not to make you a reclusive or isolationists. This is to make you wise. This is to bring hope to you that you’ll not wind up like so many do, beaten down, trodden under the foot of man, your riches stolen, your wealth taken away, your purpose defeated, even left haggard along the roadside like the Samaritan story where nobody will stop and tend to you.

There are brighter days ahead of you. I say again there are brighter days ahead of you; because it is not so with you. You have received instruction. You have received wisdom. You have received words of truth so that you would benefit, so that you would be a part of the remnant that is being raised up in the last days, so that you would not be among the forsaken, but you would be a rescuer of those who are.

Hear the voice of the Lord as He draws us to Him, as His Spirit persuades us to follow Him. As we walk in the Glory and the Goodness of who He is.

You know, the Lord’s tired of people being deceived. We think we’ve seen some incredible shakings on the body of Christ but listen to me. We’ve not seen anything like what’s coming. In the midst of great apostasy there will be a shaking of those who will forsake the things of the Kingdom because of this world and what it has to offer and their intent and desire to partake of it. We will see destruction like it’s never been seen before come upon people’s lives because they chose to trade the truth for a lie and the harvest that they will reap is not from the truth but a harvest from that lie.

Paul said, “I’m fearful for you.” He was fearful for the church in those days and here we are in the church in these days hundreds of years later where sin and degradation of mankind has had all these years to get worse and worse. And if you don’t think its worse, you probably ought to check your pulse. It’s no different, the sin and the degradation, it’s just the extent of it. Where it becomes easy for us to compromise what we know to be the truth just because it’s out there and it’s easily acceptable. It’s before our eyes all the time. We become desensitized to it.

Generations that are following up after us have no clue how they’ve been perverted in their thinking because we’ve compromised. And we’ve allowed the generations coming behind us to think that many things are okay that are not okay. We’ve even propagated those things to them.

As the days come and greater apostasy is seen, there’ll be greater repentance on behalf of those who are listening to what the Spirit of God is saying right now. Households are torn apart even in the young people through pornography and addictions and deceptions.

You can’t watch television without seeing what used to be considered soft-core pornography in commercials. When shows that were once considered decent find their ratings begin to drop they automatically go to a sexual connotation in their programming because they know that will draw people in.

And listen, one of the greatest perversions that are coming upon us is the misuse of the marriage bed and the defilement of it. We’re already in a generation that doesn’t feel like there’s any need to wait until there’s marriage before there’s those types of relationships where they take that which was sacred and prostitute it one with the other for the sake of their flesh and they destroy the one thing that can make marriages last through difficult times; the trust and the sacrifice that it takes.

Help us, Jesus. Help us, Lord. Just begin to pray in the Holy Ghost. (Tongues)
Father, we’re tired of watching the giftings and callings in our young people aborted because of the love of this world. We’ve had enough, Lord God, where we’ll stand back and say, “It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright, when it’s not.” Break us to the point where we are so obedient to the Holy Spirit that even in our workplace or in our neighborhoods that they say, “Here they are; the one’s that keep turning the world upside down.” Where the message of Jesus preached in its fullness creates the working of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following it to where they either choose to follow Christ or they run because of fear.

Let us stand for what is righteous, Oh God; what is Holy Lord. Let us deny ourselves and follow after you. Let us bring our bodies into subjection to you. Let the word, your word, be so rich in us, Oh God, that just a step to the left or the right brings a conviction that is so strong from the truth that we know to be in our heart that we cannot move in that direction that we stay on the narrow road that leads to you. Help us be examples to the generations that are coming up, Oh God. Young men and young women who have callings of God that need to be nurtured and released to ministry instead of pushed aside so that they’re not hurt any longer where adults don’t wanna take the time to forsake some of their life so that they can bring life into someone else. Help us, God. Break our hearts, Oh Jesus. Tear down the walls of rebellion in us, Oh God. Put away from us the foolish thinking, Lord. Teach us your truth, Oh God. Help us to bear with one another, Oh God, the burden of Your Kingdom. Hold us in the small palm of your hand, Oh God and the safety of who You are. Help us, Oh God.

Lord, start to strip off the hardness that’s come upon us. Where we don’t understand how You love, without any expectation of anything in return, Oh God. How you love without question, without parameters. Change the hardness of our hearts, Lord. Let us stop considering ourselves like the world and help us to consider ourselves like the risen Savior that was so overwhelmed with the tasks that you gave Him that nothing could stop Him from fulfilling them. That needs; personal needs or finances or obstacles in travel were onslaughts from the adversary could stop Him. None could. Let us be so close to you that nothing will stop us either.

As the nations cry out, Oh God, for those who have been prepared to come forth we also, Lord, cry out that they would come forth. That out of this house, Oh God, you would raise up men and women and young people. Apostles. Prophets. Evangelists. Pastors. And Teachers. To touch this nation and the nations of the world. That the vision of this house would be greater, Oh God. That we would see beyond the barriers that try to stop us and move into the fullness of what You desire for us to be.

We tear down the walls of separation that have been built against your will, Oh God. And we declare Your will be done here in this house on this earth as it is in heaven. Do it, Oh God. Change us. Transform us. Use us. For the sake of Your Kingdom. (whispered) In Jesus’ Name.

For some of you there’s great changes’ coming, some of them scary. For some of you there’s great submission coming. That’s even more scary. Because you think you’re submitting to human beings but He doesn’t demand that you submit to humans. He says, “If you want to be My disciple, you will submit to me. So that when I speak,” says the Lord, “You’ll move knowing that my heart is to see you accomplish the great things of My Kingdom.” He’s not looking to boss you around. He’s looking to lead you into truth. He’s looking to show you His love and His mercy. He’s tired of you pushing Him away. He’s tired of you ignoring Him. He’s tired of your heart when you have times like this and say, “Is this really God?” He’s tired of it. He can’t make you change but He can call for you to. And He can call over and over and over until all you hear is the Lord calling you to Him. And when you submit yourself to Him and when you surrender yourself to Him, you will step in the Glory that you’ve never seen before. Not only will you see the Glory of God you’ll live in the Glory of God. You’ll live in the tender mercies of the Lord. Because disobedience pulls us out. I’ll say that again. Disobedience pulls us out. He doesn’t push us away. We step back. And the Power and the Dominion and the Might and the Holiness and the Righteousness of God is far from us because we’ve stepped away from it. The more we step toward it, the greater degree of that we walk in. And the greater degree of that we walk in, the greater Glory that we will see. We’re in a day when He’s bidding us to come into the Glory and not move away from it.

Praise the Lord; much to think about as we move toward Friday of fasting this weekend. He said, “I would have liked to have shared some of the things that I had in mind for you but that’s ok because He sensed that the persons, the ones that were here were the ones that needed to hear what it was He had to say. Because if He can start a remnant, it’s like a seed of corn, when it comes up it goes from one seed into thousands. And if He can get a seed, like a remnant, He can supercharge thousands with the message.

So count it a privilege to be here tonight to hear what the Spirit of The Lord is saying to The Church and to this church in particular. He wants to remind you that this is not just happenstance that this place is here. There has been a destiny in this location for many years that no one has ever been able to fulfill because they didn’t really follow the Lord. And if we will follow Him, there’s going to be a destiny that will touch the world from this place. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.



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