DECEMBER 18, 2011


(Begins in middle of sentence) Ho. That I want to share. And specifically to a couple of individuals that the Lord said to share with and , it’s a little scary for people sometimes when they get something from the Lord from somebody who’s, from people they don’t know. (Holy Ghost laughter).

But. Unless. I kept getting the name, or word, ‘forsaken’. Feeling forsaken. And, uh, I said, “Well, Lord, I know a lot of times people feel like they’re forsaken.” But, the Lord wants you to know, you’ve never been forsaken. You’ve never been left alone. Katherine. That He’s always been there with you and He’s always encouraged you. But those thoughts have come, especially this time of year you need to cast them down, every thought that comes against the knowledge of God. Take it into captivity. And don’t allow it have any power over you. Because when we let thoughts have power over us, that’s when we get in trouble. Amen? You too. You’re never forsaken. You’re never left alone. No matter what the world does or how it sets us apart or how it tries to hold us away, we’re never forsaken. Ever. There will always be, and the Lord is working to create in the lives of individuals, the opportunity for relationships so that that thing can’t have power over them. Do you understand? The devil tries to take power over us by putting us like we’re set off, like nobody cares, nobody understands, nobody is concerned, but that’s not true. And what it does is he tries to take us and move us away so that we separate ourselves from every opportunity for the Lord to bring us into family. He wants us in family. God created a family on the face of the earth. That was His intent. He started out with one male, one female to create a family. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way real well. But when Christ came, He restored that entire vision to us. Jesus came to restore the Church, which is the family of God. So God’s gone through an awful lot to bring us together as a group of people in a local expression of Jesus Christ or as a church around the world when we come together, and will, soon at His appearing. We’ll come together and be in His presence with one another, family together, understanding that even all those times when we thought we were forsaken, we weren’t. There’s a cloud of witnesses in heaven that are declaring to you, you’re not forsaken. They still see. They still understand. They still cry out. They still know that God’s for you, not against you. Amen? Praise the Lord. Anybody else that that fits, grab it and pull it into you. Isn’t God good?


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